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  • Elizabeth

    Baraka Customer Testimonials

    "There are no words to describe the gratitude I have for Baraka Dry Nose Relief. I've used a Neti pot for years, recently discovered (and shared) baraka fabulous aromatic salts, but my dry sinuses were still an issue. I picked up a bottle of dry nose, fast relief!. Immediate relief, long lasting relief and complete relief! It's almost incomprehensible to me that" something this fantastic is so readily available. The combination of sesame oil and the two essential oils is incredible.

  • O.P.'s

    NetiPot Customer

    "I have tried all your products from the rejuvenation oil (amazingly pleasant), to the dry nose oil (very relieving here in dry Saskatchewan), the mineral sea salt (simply great) and the infused sea salt (an incredible treat for a battered sinus system), and I have to say that you are miles ahead of the drug-store versions of these products.:

  • Laurens

    NetiPot Customer

    "After contracting H1N1 I struggled with secondary sinus infections for several months. Rounds of antibiotics and nasal steroids didn't cure my chronic congestion. I wanted so badly to feel better, but nothing was curing my sinus problems. My ENT suggested trying a neti pot, which I had never heard of before, so I bought my first one with the Baraka infused salt."