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August 2011

Meadowsweet Herbs

180 S. 3rd St W, Missoula, MT 59801
Elaine Sheff & John Goicovich, Clinical Herbalists
15 years in business, Offers a variety of classes
Specializes in herbs, aromatherapy, flower essences

Mission Statement

Meadowsweet Herbs is not only a manufacturer and retail store but also a resource for education and a reliable and trusted source for natural product information in our Missoula community. We offer classes and private consultations throughout the year. Our employees are highly trained in the natural health field.

Our vision of our business does not end with our customers. We feel our commitment to our employees and a good work environment is where good medicine and a healthy lifestyle begins. We work hard to maintain a productive, healthy working environment with cooperation and respect at its core.

What makes you unique in your community?

We are herbalist owned and operated, totally unique in our town. We offer a deeper understanding of herbs and a connection to the earth, as well as empowering people to take charge of their own well-being.

What is your favorite item/knowledge to share with customers?

It is more like an experience–of themselves and their own bodies having the tools and strength to heal.

What are the frequent comments that you hear from your customers?

1. This place smells so good!
2. I am so glad you are here in Missoula!
3. This is my favorite store!
Also, our customers continually tell us how much they trust what we offer and love what we do for our community.

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