Baraka Neti Pot

Best Methods for Cleaning Your Neti Pot

We are often asked about sanitizing our neti pot, so we decided that a Clean Your Neti Pot blog was probably long overdue.  We have included some basic tips and more importantly our personal experience! Ultimately you can decide on what works best for you.

Since a neti pot is used to maintain healthy sinuses and mucus flow, it is a good idea to clean your pot often.

This is what I do:

Before and after I use my neti pot, I rinse it with hot water and flush out the spout.  I tend to use my hand while I’m doing this to ensure any lingering salt or dust is removed.  I hand-wash my neti pot with warm, soapy water only about once a month, and every three months or so I put it into the dishwasher. This is what is comfortable for me, but you may find that you want to do a soapy wash more or less often. There’s no right way. Just be sure to rinse out any remaining soap as it can irritate your sinuses. It is also important to ensure that the pot dries completely, as water left in the pot can allow bacteria to grow. Use a towel to dry the neti pot as much as possible.

If you rinse daily, your neti pot will tend to be cleaner than someone who only rinses once a week or less.  Where you leave your neti pot will also play a part in how often you need to clean it. If you leave your neti under the sink and one day see mold growing next to it- wash it thoroughly before using!

Cleaning your Neti Pot when you are Sick

Another important time to take extra care in washing your neti pot is when you are dealing with a cold/flu or other type of infection. Sometimes mucus can get into the pot and adhere to the inside. I recommend washing your neti pot with warm soapy water after each rinse when dealing with an infection.  You can also pour boiling water into your pot and let it sit for a few minutes before pouring it through.  Do this a couple of times in a row before or after washing it with soap for a very thorough germ-fighting clean.

Some people have asked about using the microwave as a tool to sterilize the pot- we feel that handwashing with soapy water or running the pot through your dishwasher are more effective ways to clean your pot. Microwaving it can also harm the glaze.

Above all, if you feel it is time to clean your neti pot then it probably is. A nasal cleansing device can never be too clean!

How often do you clean your neti pot? We always love to hear any feedback from fellow neti pot users- so please share with us!