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What Causes Your Sinus Headaches?

Written By: Tamara
May 2, 2011

Understanding Sinus Headaches

What causes your sinus congestion or sinus headaches? Each of us is unique and we find that different triggers cause our sinuses to get congested and different solutions help give us sinus relief.  We all agree dealing with sinus congestion or a sinus headache is no fun and can ruin spring and summer activities.

Some sinus basics, there are four sinus cavities groups in our head; they are hollow air spaces with openings into our nose for the exchange of air and mucus.  Our sinus cavities are located inside our cheekbones, behind our eyes, behind the bridge of our nose, and our forehead. Secretions from our sinus cavities normally drain into our nose, but when our sinuses get congested, this process is impeded, the beginning of sinus pain or a possible sinus headache.

Our sinus headaches or sinus pain starts when our sinuses are swollen and the openings into our nasal passages are obstructed- lowered airflow, stopping normal drainage and causing the pressure to build-OUCH! Sinus pain can occur in our cheekbones, upper teeth, forehead, and the top of our head or all of the above.

The reasons for lowered airflow in our nasal passages are as unique as the individual. What are your triggers for sinus congestion?  One hint that it might be spring allergies is symptoms of itching, sneezing and runny nose, allergic rhinitis or hay fever.  But, there are many more reasons for sinus congestion:

  • Smoke, strong odors or perfumes or fumes from paint, gas, garden equipment, or chemical odors
  • Stuffy rooms or extremely hot days
  • Allergic reactions to pet dander, mold, dust, trees and flowers
  • Barometric pressure change from weather or change in altitude
  • Stress
  • Alcoholic beverages; beer and wine
  • Food products containing nitrates (bacon, hot dogs, salami), food colorings, MSG, tyramine (aged cheese, some beans, red wine, smoked fish)
  • Windy conditions that promote distribution of dust or pollen
  • Airplane travel
  • Crying
  • Swimming, diving or snorkeling
  • Night time sinus congestion, noticing that your pain is on the side you have been sleeping on

Do you see any of your triggers in the list above?  Share with us on Facebook about what causes your sinus headaches. Please read about neti pot use, Sinus Rejuvenation Oil, and our infused salt rinse as  proven holistic treatments for promoting sinus health and warding off sinus pain and sinus headaches.

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3 Responses to “What Causes Your Sinus Headaches?”

  1. ed
    2. March 2012 um 16:04

    I have a sinus problem but not real bad.
    I do not smoke and have always avoided it.
    I moved to the deep south where smoke is every where.
    My condition really bad, but blamed it on pollen
    Went out west for 5 weeks no contact with smoke/
    I became my old self.
    Was going to move, but they just made my town Smoke

  2. Leah
    9. April 2012 um 16:43

    I am beginning to think I am allergic to red wine. I am noticing marked sinus pain after drinking it. The more I drink, the worse it is. I have been suffering from a sinus headache for two days after having some red wine with an Easter Dinner on Friday (it is now Monday). How long would an allergic reaction like this typically last?

  3. Stephani
    9. April 2012 um 21:42

    Your suspicions are probably correct. “Red wine headache” actually has its own informational page on Wikipedia, so the syndrome is notorious. About having a headache three days later, I’m not so sure that is still coming from the wine. Since it is springtime, there is a lot of pollen in the air, I’m wondering if you have other allergies this time of year? If you do suffer from seasonal allergies, the red wine might have initially irritated your sinuses but pollen may be continuing to keep them inflamed. I’ve written a blog about reducing nasal inflammation see if it helps you

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