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Rhinitis verses Sinusitis

Written By: Sue
March 20, 2012

Name that Congestion!

If you’re confused about the difference between rhinitis and sinusitis, you’re not alone. The symptoms can seem quite similar. Searching the internet, you’ll find that rhinitis and sinusitis are used interchangeably. However, distinct differences remain.

Both conditions refer to inflammation, rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal cavity (just inside your nose); while sinusitis is inflammation of the sinus cavities.  Both can cause head pressure, congestion, fatigue, and ear pain. Given this, it is not easy to distinguish the difference.

Rhinitis is mainly caused by environmental factors or allergens. If you get nasal congestion each spring season due to pollen, that’s allergy rhinitis. Or if your friend’s cigarette smoke makes your nose run, that’s non-allergy or environmental rhinitis. If you have facial pain, you most likely have sinusitis; especially if it hurts to press your fingers on the area over your eyes or near your cheekbones. Sinusitis is typically caused by a virus or bacteria.

Allergic rhinitis often develops into rhinosinusitus. Not only is your nose inflamed, but so are your sinus cavities. No wonder it’s confusing!

It’s important to distinguish between rhinitis and sinusitis, because the treatments are slightly different. As mentioned, both are conditions of inflammation so both can benefit from nasal rinsing. Experiment with a hypertonic rinse or a method of rinsing called water retention.  Experiment how often to rinse – one person may do it 2-3 times a day while another person may find that too much.

Since sinusitis is usually an infection, you’ll want to see if nasal rinsing can flush out the infection. If not, you’ll need an antimicrobial. I don’t often promote products on our blogs, but I have to say that a person with chronic sinusitis could benefit from our Sinus Rejuvenation Oil.  The antimicrobial effects of this blend have helped many people who haven’t found success with allopathic medicine. Check out our testimonials.

Play around with what works best for you and keep asking yourself questions. Is it allergies caused by something airborne or digestive? Did it start out as an allergy and became an infection? The more you can learn about yourself the better. Look at our past blogs for suggestions and additional information.

One Response to “Rhinitis verses Sinusitis”

  1. Sadie
    22. September 2017 um 15:55

    This is not entirely accurate. Sinusitis is not limited to an infection, or even usually an infection. Acute sinusitis would be a result of an infection, then it is treated and goes away. But it is also a chronic condition resulting from inflamed sinuses, that can be due to polyps, deviated septum, and environmental factors, and is usually exacerbated by rhinitis.

    A Chronic Sufferer.

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