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How Does Pollen Count with Sinus Allergies?

Written By: Sue
May 11, 2011

Pollen Count and Your Sinus Allergies

Since Baraka sinus products sell all around the country that gives me an opportunity to talk with a lot of people about their sinus congestion. During the spring, the conversation naturally turns to pollen and allergies. I’ve found no matter what state I call, each person convinces me their city has the highest pollen count.

Every year the pollen count levels change city to city depending on seasonal rains, temperatures and other environmental factors. Since I’m a research junkie- I decided to find out where the highest pollen counts really are. The cities that always show up in the top 10 are in the Heartland/Southern Regions, which starts in Iowa goes northeast to Ohio/New York and extends down to Georgia/ Mississippi.

What do the worst allergy regions have in common? High humidity, river basins and diverse plant populations. Here’s a great link that explains each region of the country and what makes them problematic. It also has regional suggestions to ease sinus allergies such as a trip to the seashore and mountains.

What surprises me most about allergy season is that people tend to rinse less than they do during the cold and flu season. With colds it’s obvious when we’re congested; we are blocked with mucous that is often discolored and we sound nasally so we can’t deny that it’s time to bring out our neti pot. With allergies, it’s not always obvious. Our mucous may be clear and we may not be congested like we are with a cold. I’ve found that people seem to tolerate low levels of sinus congestion. But they shouldn’t! Low levels of sinus congestion indicate there is inflammation which can turn into an infection, especially if you are susceptible to sinus infections. In fact 39% of people report that their sinus infection started out as an allergy (source: The best way I’ve found to reduce sinus congestion, inflammation and flush out pollen is to use a hypertonic salt solution. Read our blog discussing hypertonic salt rinses.

For more information on our national pollen count, check out this link by the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America). It lists the most challenging places to live with Spring allergies.

We want to hear from you! Where do you live and which pollens seem to trigger your congestion and allergies the most?

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One Response to “How Does Pollen Count with Sinus Allergies?”

  1. Nurlaely
    24. November 2015 um 17:47

    Every year for the past 20 plus years I have gotton sinus/ear iofictenns (usually in January) and I have fluid in my ears until spring time. It drives me crazy but the Doctors do not care. It causes no medical problems, providing the infection is gone, if not iofictenns can eat the little bones in your ear and cause deafness. By all means let your Doctor know, but do not be surprised when they show no concern whatsoever! Be sure and continue your anti-biotics until they are gone and continue taking decongestants.Good luck!

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