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Clean Neti Pot- Clean Nose

Written By: Stephani
June 20, 2011


sinus infectionBest Methods for Cleaning Your Neti Pot

We are often asked about sanitizing our neti pot, so we decided that a Clean Your Neti Pot blog was probably long overdue.  We have included some basic tips and more importantly our personal experience! Ultimately you can decide on what works best for you.

Since your neti pot is used to maintain healthy sinuses and mucous flow, it is a good idea to clean your pot often. This is what I do:

Before and after I use my neti pot, I rinse it with hot water and flush out the spout.  I tend to use my hand while I’m doing this to ensure any lingering salt or dust is removed.  I hand-wash my neti pot with warm, soapy water only about once a month, and every three months or so I put it into the dishwasher. This is what is comfortable for me, but you may find that you want to do a soapy wash more or less often. There’s no right way. Just be sure to rinse out any remaining soap as it can irritate your sinuses. It is also important to ensure that the pot air dries completely, as water left in the pot can allow bacteria to grow.

If you are a daily nasal rinser, your neti pot will tend to be cleaner than someone who only rinses once a week or less.  Where you leave your neti pot will also play a part in how often you need to clean it. If you leave your neti under the sink and one day see mold growing next to it- wash it thoroughly before using!

Another important time to take extra care in washing your neti pot is when you are dealing with a cold/flu or other type of infection. Sometimes mucous can get into the pot and adhere to the inside. I recommend washing your neti pot with warm soapy water after each rinse when dealing with an infection.  You can also pour boiling water into your pot and let it sit for a few minutes before pouring it through.  Do this a couple of times in a row before or after washing it with soap for a very thorough germ-fighting clean.

Some people have asked about using the microwave as a tool to sterilize the pot- we feel that hand washing with soapy water or running the pot through your dishwasher are effective ways to clean your pot. However, if you would like to utilize the microwave- this is the information we came across while investigating microwave sterilization.  Most bacteria is killed after 5 minutes in the microwave (set on high).  It is more effective to have water in the pot (rather than empty) while in the microwave during the disinfection stage.  Clean the neti pot first with soapy water and then place the product with water in the microwave- this is the best way to ensure you have a clean and sterilized pot.  Allow the pot sit for an extended time after heating for more than 2 minutes in the microwave- IT WILL BE VERY HOT as it retains heat!.  Use a towel or oven mitt to protect your hands.

Above all, if you feel it is time to clean your neti pot then it probably is. A nasal cleansing device can never be too clean!

What do you do?  How often do you clean your neti pot? We always love to hear any feedback from fellow neti pot users- so please share with us!


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11 Responses to “Clean Neti Pot- Clean Nose”

  1. Wendy
    13. July 2012 um 23:53

    When I got my plastic neti pot it said to put baby shampoo in it to clean it. Does that sound right? The way I read the instructions it sounded like you were to clean it every time you used it. I first put brita water in a pan and I boil it. Then I put some brita in my neti pot and clean it with the shampoo. Then I make sure I rinse all that out. Then once the water is boiled I pour that into it and clean it out to serialize it. About 2 times a week I nuke it also to kill anything else. Am I going to far? I thought that was what the directions said to do. I see people on youtube and they hardly do anything.

  2. Stephani
    16. July 2012 um 18:07

    Wendy, it sounds like you are doing a lot to ensure that your neti pot is clean- which is great. Baraka believes that the baby shampoo is suggested to clean your neti, because it is often more gentle than other cleaning solutions. Check out natural/plant based cleaning solutions since even baby shampoo can contain chemicals. I would caution you about putting your plastic neti pot in the microwave as that can break down the plastics which can then leach into your water and some plastics can absorb chemicals. Drying your neti pot completely after cleaning is important, as bacteria can grow in small amounts of water left behind. Baraka thinks you must have the cleanest neti pot ever! Thanks for your question!

  3. Linda Popiel
    17. August 2012 um 11:50

    hi I just started using neti pots can you wipe around after cleaning it with a paper towel

  4. Stephani
    20. August 2012 um 17:09

    Ensuring that the neti pot is dry after use is an important part to keeping your neti pot clean. Yes, you can use a paper towel to dry the neti after using it or cleaning it. Happy Rinsing!

  5. Lori
    25. February 2014 um 22:26

    I scrub and rinse my neti pot daily with washing up liquid and very hot tap water. After that I spay it down the spout and into the pot with dettox solution. I then shake that out and leave it to drain for a while before rinsing thoroughly with boiled water. I can’t use boiling water as the pot is plastic. Am I taking sufficient steps to ensure cleanliness?

  6. Stephani
    25. February 2014 um 22:52

    While your cleaning practice sounds good, I’m curious about what your detox solution is. Be careful to not use chemicals as they can remain in the pot. Also a plastic neti pot should be replaced once a year, refer to the neti pot maker’s website for further information about this. Happy Rinsing!

  7. Alex
    28. February 2014 um 17:04

    I usually just rinse my neti pot with warm tap water inside and out thoroughly after each use, and i then allow it to air dry before i use it again. I feel like i might not be doing enough, what is your opinion?

  8. Stephani
    12. March 2014 um 21:10

    I would substitute the tap water for boiled water or distilled water to ensure you have the best water quality available. Allowing it to dry completely is key to keeping your pot clean. If you feel that your are not doing enough, then use the suggestions above (wash with warm soapy water or in a dishwasher) to improve your confidence in a clean neti pot. You will have to decide what your best cleaning strategy is and what feels most comfortable for you. Good luck!

  9. Liz
    22. April 2014 um 17:51

    I’m trying to come up with a way to disinfect or sterilize my neti in the bathroom, so I don’t have to carry it to the kitchen, boil water, etc. I have immune system problems and need to use it every day and be very careful cleaning it. If I wash it with soap and water could I then put it in an electric bottle sterilizer? Or would I have to take that to the kitchen to clean?

  10. Stephani
    23. April 2014 um 19:52

    Hello Liz, I think an electric sterilizer would work well to clean the neti pot. What a great idea! I’d love to hear how it works for you in the future!

  11. Rose
    13. October 2014 um 14:41

    I use my 190 degree filtered steaming hot water tap mixed with bought distilled water in my ceramic netty pot. I absolutely love having this tap in my kitchen and highly recommend it for daily netty pot users. After each use, I rinse a little of the steaming tap water through it and then let it air dry. I also run it in the dishwasher once a month or so, but must rinse it after with the steaming water in case there is any soap residue or smell from the dishwasher soap. I don’t recommend anyone to use a plastic netty pot, since plastic seems like it could absorb bacteria, whereas ceramic could only have it on the surface.

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