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"One of the things I most appreciate about Baraka is the sincerity of the staff. I like doing business with people I can trust. I also appreciate an emphasis on beauty, sustainability and staying intentionally small. Thanks for great products and excellent service!” read Bronwyn's entire story »

Bronwyn, Indiana

“Your infused salt and sinus oil have been the answer to 30 years of struggling with ongoing sinus pain, infection, congestion, and headaches.” read Carl's entire story »

Carl, California

“I am someone who had suffered from allergies, hay fever, for years, all my life really. A few years ago the awesome gals at Baraka sent me a neti pot to try out. My life changed.” read Gretchen's entire story »

Gretchen, Iowa

“After using your Sinus Rejuvenation Oil, I can say it really works. If you are patient and use it regularly, you will feel better every day. It’s been almost 2 months since I stopped using allergy pills and sprays.” read Marco's entire story »

Marco, California

“I am a huge fan of Baraka products. I regularly use both a Baraka neti pot, as well as the infused sea salt which is amazing!” read Seth's entire story »

Seth, New York

“It's amazing, but when the sinuses are clear, everything is better. Thanks for putting out great products and helping those in need.” read John's entire story »

John, California

“I've been using my Neti pot for several months now and I'm happy to say, I have NO problems with post nasal drip. Seasonal allergies have not been a problem either.” read DB's entire story »

D.B. Pennsylvania

If you have, or know some one who has, sinus problems purchase a Baraka Neti Pot with French Atlantic Sea Salt. You will love it. read Cyndi's entire story »

Cyndi, Indiana

I love being able to deal directly with the small company who make these beautiful ceramics. Whenever I need to call or e-mail I reach a real live person! read Dianna's entire story »

Dianna, Vermont

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