Why Use Our Steam Oil?

Why Use Our Steam Oil?

Eases coughs and relieves chest & nasal congestion.

Stop Congestion from Settling in your Chest!

Our Steam Oil contains a powerful blend of essential oils to ease coughs and relieve chest & nasal congestion. It’s particularly effective for those never-ending coughs.

How Essential Oils Work

For centuries, steaming over a pot of hot water has been used to loosen a tight cough and expel mucus. By adding essential oils to the water, you inhale the oil vapors allowing their unique properties to go to work in your lungs and nose.

Ravintsara – decongestant; antibacterial and antispasmodic

Niaouli – expectorant and decongestant

Eucalyptus – supports respiratory tract; decongestant; antibacterial

Dry Cough

Dry Coughs need moisture! Steaming 3-4 times a week can hydrate the throat & lungs, break-up congestion and calm a chronic cough.


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