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Take The Neti Pot Challenge!

Written By: Sue
April 20, 2016

neti salt & spoonRelieve Spring Allergies Early in the Season

For those of you who put away your neti pots, bring them out! It may be the end of cold/flu season, but if you suffer from allergies, use a neti pot BEFORE the season is in full bloom. Unlike a cold that may hit with little warning, allergies usually come on in stages. At first, your eyes and nose may mildly itch or you may wake up with a slightly stuffy nose. These early symptoms are an indicator it’s time to rinse. While these symptoms are easy to ignore, the longer you wait, the more likely inflammation will set in making it more difficult to get rid of. Then you might be tempted pop a decongestant.  So I dare you to do something different this year. Be proactive, take the neti pot challenge!

The challenge is simple: Rinse once or twice a day for one week to see if symptoms subside. If they do, I hope you will be motivated to continue.

A few years ago, I was stricken with an allergy headache because I didn’t take the time to rinse. It took me several days to get the inflammation under control and I missed work. Boy, I regretted not being proactive.

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Don’t WAIT to start rinsing! If there is the smallest clue that pollen is in the air, RINSE! Or if you see a friend has symptoms before you do, RINSE! Don’t put off it until you are suffering. It won’t be as effective.
  1. Switch between an isotonic and hypertonic rinses. A hypertonic can help with inflammation. See this link.
  1. Rinse immediately after cutting the grass/gardening or if you are experiencing increased symptoms.

Step Two of the Neti Pot Challenge:

Write and let us know what happened. Or maybe you have other helpful suggestions.  If you do, we’ll send you a FREE bag of our Baraka Mineral Salt Rinse. Just address the comment DEAR BARAKA in caps.

Happy Rinsing!!!!!

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