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Sinus Problems? Check Your Teeth

Written By: Sue
January 26, 2016

teethThe Relationship Between Your Sinuses and Teeth

If you have been having sinus problems for a while, don’t overlook your mouth. I was reminded again of the close relationship between the upper teeth and the maxillary sinuses (the sinus cavity right below the eyes).

For 3 months, my father had been suffering with a sinus infection. Much to my dismay, every idea I suggested to him didn’t help or didn’t apply to his situation. Then he went to the dentist because he noticed a loose tooth. Surprisingly the tooth wasn’t painful. After an x-ray, the dentist found an infection at the root of the loose tooth. Once the tooth was removed and a root canal performed, the sinus infection disappeared.

What exactly is the relationship between our sinuses and our upper teeth? Isn’t there a barrier? Some sort of protection? Not really. Believe it or not, the very bottom of the maxillary sinus sits on top of the roots of our back teeth. This photo shows their relationship. The red arrow indicates the maxillary sinus. That’s pretty darn close!

One dentist put it this way: Your [teeth] roots do not actually protrude into the sinus cavities, but rather their tips cause elevations in your sinus floors akin to poles supporting a tent, leaving the sinus floors paper-thin in these areas.

So if there is an abscess (pocket of pus) at your nerve root, it could be draining into your sinuses! It can also work the other way around. An infection or build-up of pressure in your sinus(es) can make your teeth ache. Pretty amazing and little frightening at the same time.

If you’ve been struggle with a chronic sinus infection, check your teeth. Or better yet, make an appointment with your dentist, because like my father, it’s possible to have an infection without realizing it.

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