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Neti Pot Water

Written By: Stephani
January 1, 2013


The question we receive most frequently at Baraka is “What kind of water should be used in a neti pot?”  The water you use in your neti pot is as important as the type of salt you add.  Use a salt that has not been highly processed, however it is important to use water that has been treated in some form.

So to answer the question, the following types of water can be used in a neti pot:

Boiled water

Distilled water

Filtered water (.2 micron filter)

Bottled water

If using boiled water, boil water for 3-5 minutes to ensure bacteria is removed.  The water should then be cooled to room temperature. Since waiting for the water to cool may take some time, you can also fill the neti pot about ¼ of the way with boiled water to dissolve the salt and then use room temperature filtered or bottled water to fill the rest of the pot.

It is most important to not use tap water.  Tap water can be heavy in minerals that can irritate the nasal cavities. Tap water can also contain chlorine, fluoride or microbial contaminates.  Some bacteria in tap water can actually cause infection.  Nasal rinsing is safe and effective when using a proper water source in your neti pot.

What type of water do you use in your neti pot?  Let us know on Facebook!

4 Responses to “Neti Pot Water”

  1. Hh levine
    5. May 2016 um 07:33

    Can I use purified water in my neti pot?

  2. Stephani
    5. May 2016 um 15:26

    Hello! Yes, purified water should be a great option to use in your neti pot. Types of purification include distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, and carbon filtration; all of which help to provide clean neti pot water. Happy Rinsing!

  3. Jessie
    24. November 2016 um 17:58

    Could I use natural bottled water with my neti pot.

  4. Stephani
    12. December 2016 um 17:21

    Hello Jessie, I’m unsure what you mean when you say natural bottled water. But using water that has been filtered and bottled is the best option. Just be sure to heat the water.

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