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October 2012

West County Herbs

3641 Main Street
Occidental, CA 95465
Owner: Lisa Kurtz, Herbalist


Located in scenic downtown Occidental, California, the West County Herb Company is a comfortable, community-oriented shop featuring artisan herbal products and wares. We offer an unsurpassed selection of organic, locally-grown and responsibly harvested bulk herbs. The Sonoma County Herb Exchange provides our vital and professionally cared-for herbs. Your teas, tinctures, and salves will positively radiate with potency. This is not your typical bulk herb section.

To assist you in creating your own most magical potions, we also carry medicine making supplies such as glass beakers, graduated cylinders, funnels, bottles and jars. The finest oils, salts and waxes are also available. We welcome you to peruse our shop unbothered while you sip some tea, and come to your senses.Other handcrafted wares include herbal medicines, body care, aromatherapy products, soaps, and candles. We offer products made by the talented herbalists and craftspeople of Northern California. Have a look at our lending library and community bulletin board and feel a part of the plants and the people who love them. Come and experience this impressive apothecary yourself.

Mission Statement

West County Herb Company believes in community and is committed to quality. That is why I carry only products that I feel are made with integrity and care by local artisans who craft their products from the very best ingredients.

What makes you unique in your community?

The thing that makes my shop unique is that I carry only locally grown herbs and locally made products.  I want people to feel comfortable coming in, whether they are experienced herbalists, curious about natural and alternative ways to care for themselves, or just like the way is smells. I have a lending library and lots of in-store reference books, so I invite people to come in, sip some tea and together we can come up with ideas about what to do for their individual concerns.  I really believe that we all know best what we need and I want to provide a space to discover and explore what might make our experience in this body feel better.  I have always learned easiest from nature and particularly the plants, so that is what I hope to share with others.

What are the frequent comments that you hear from your customers?

Some of the frequent comments I get from customers are, “it smells so great in here”, “it feels good just to be here”, “I didn’t know herbs looked like this” (because of the freshness and the whole state that I sell the herbs in, instead of the herbs looking like grey powder, they look vibrant, colorful, and alive.) I love my shop because I get to meet so many people, and in this environment it is easy to see how lovable they are and it cultivates more compassion and love for all of us.

What one lesson would you love the general public to learn about/from herbs?

I learn so much every day here at the shop, it is a vibrant alive place to be and I am so appreciative of the people who come in and share their uniqueness.  I guess that would be the thing I would wish for the general public to learn from herbs, to appreciate and love their uniqueness, adaptability, and that their value lies in being authentically who they are.

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