Baraka Sinus Support Suppliers

Here are great companies that help make us great!

Creative Ceramics (

Kilns need a lot of attention. We’re grateful for Creative Ceramics and all the endless amounts of support and advice they have given over the years. We can’t tell you how many times they’ve helped us in a pinch! Thank you Sherry, Mike and Jesse!

Dhyana Center (

For years we’ve referred family and friends to the Dhyana Center for Ayurvedic treatments, but had no idea the alchemy they could create with essential oils and salts. They blend the Baraka Infused Salt Rinse, which is one of our most popular products!

Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy (

The day we ran into the folks at PIA was the day everything changed at Baraka. Not only do they have some of the best essential oils on the planet, but they create our Sinus Rejuvenation Oil and the Dry Nose blend- both are becoming our bestsellers. People tell us they are breaking their cycle with antibiotics and finding relief from years of sinus infections and chronic sinus issues. Check out their website for other great products!

Oakland Paper and Packaging (

We’ve worked with Bob and his crew since the beginning. They’re awesome! Most of our shipping boxes are manufactured in the Greater Bay Area and we can always count on them for custom boxes or supplying us with our most basic shipping needs.

Managed Arts (

We’ve never met owner Cedric Lai, but he prints all our packaging here in California. His level-headed thinking has helped us come up with better solutions. He uses earth friendly products such as vegetable inks and helps us to limit our paper impact on this world. We should really have lunch with the friendliest guy in printing, Cedric.


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