Munay Essential Oil Project

In 2009, we were introduced to Benigno and his family in rural Peru. They are essential oil distillers who couldn’t afford their own equipment. We told them if they built an adobe hut to house the equipment we’d get them what they needed. For a year and a half we didn’t hear from them. Then in the Fall of 2010, our founder Sue Libby received an email with a picture of the adobe hut. Six months later Sue returned to deliver them a distiller and officially help them launch Munay Essential Oils.


At Baraka, we have a deep sense of responsibility to the world around us. Being a small business we understand the struggles of the “little guy.” We are grateful to be thriving and realize not everyone is so lucky. We decided to support KIVA- a nonprofit micro-lending organization that helps fund entrepreneurs worldwide. Small businesses don’t usually have the funding made available to larger business. KIVA connects the lender (Baraka) with the entrepreneur. Each person at Baraka creates a loan and once that loan is paid back they do it again. We encourage everyone to visit the KIVA website.

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