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Take The Neti Pot Challenge!

April 20, 2016

neti salt & spoonRelieve Spring Allergies Early in the Season

For those of you who put away your neti pots, bring them out! It may be the end...Read More

Pregnancy Rhinitis

March 25, 2016

jolene bellyPregnancy & Sinus Congestion

Often pregnant women think they have a cold or allergies when actually they are experiencing something called pregnancy rhinitis. It usually occurs after the...Read More

Rhinitis verses Sinusitis

March 20, 2012

Name that Congestion!

If you’re confused about the difference between rhinitis and sinusitis, you’re not alone. The symptoms can seem quite similar. Searching the internet, you’ll find that rhinitis and sinusitis are used interchangeably. However, distinct differences remain.

Both conditions refer to inflammation, rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal cavity (just inside your nose); while sinusitis is inflammation of the sinus cavities.  Both can...Read More

Structural Issues and Nasal Rinsing

January 10, 2012

Did You Ever Break Your Nose?

One day a friend pulled me into her bathroom and said, ‘Watch this.’  She took out her neti pot, made a saline solution and proceeded to rinse. Not so strange in my world – until she switched to the other nostril. It was then the saline solution ran from her mouth instead of her nose. She tried many angles to shift the flow, but it still ran out of her mouth. I’d seen this before and asked if she had ever broken her nose. She nodded...Read More

The Truth about Neti Pots and Amoebas

January 6, 2012


Happy New Year! We, at Baraka, hope that 2012 brings you much health and happiness. We look forward to continuing...Read More

Science Behind Cold Relief?

April 11, 2011

Learn What Your Body Needs for Cold Relief

Science writer Jennifer Ackerman authored a book called Achoo- The Uncommon Life of the Common Cold.  Ackerman reports that the latest scientific research indicates that products such as zinc and Echinacea don’t work to fight sinus congestion, sore throats and any other symptoms that come along with a cold. Hmmm. Wasn’t it just a few years ago the latest science suggested they did? Science...Read More

How Often Can I Use A Neti Pot?

October 26, 2010

Stephani rinsingRinsing Routine

The most frequently asked question to us here at Baraka is: how often should I rinse? The answer, although simple, may not be easy for most people:

Listen to your body

In a culture that trusts science...Read More

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