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Take The Neti Pot Challenge!

April 20, 2016

neti salt & spoonRelieve Spring Allergies Early in the Season

For those of you who put away your neti pots, bring them out! It may be the end...Read More

Surfers Sinusitis

April 16, 2016

Bad Breath? How Your Sinuses May Contribute

August 12, 2015

goatBrush your Teeth & Flush your Sinuses

Have you ever been told you have bad breath? It’s not only embarrassing, but frustrating if you can’t discover the...Read More

Rhinitis verses Sinusitis

March 20, 2012

Name that Congestion!

If you’re confused about the difference between rhinitis and sinusitis, you’re not alone. The symptoms can seem quite similar. Searching the internet, you’ll find that rhinitis and sinusitis are used interchangeably. However, distinct differences remain.

Both conditions refer to inflammation, rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal cavity (just inside your nose); while sinusitis is inflammation of the sinus cavities.  Both can...Read More

What Causes A Stuffy Nose?

February 28, 2012

Inflamed Sinuses

Most people think a stuffy nose is caused by excess mucous blocking the airways. In reality, it’s quite different. Nasal congestion usually occurs from inflammation. When an infection or allergen irritates the nasal cavity, this irritation causes an increase of blood flow, which then causes the blood vessels to expand. These expanding blood vessels (or inflammation) block the nasal airway, resulting in the feeling of nasal congestion. While mucous production usually increases, the...Read More

Surviving Cold & Flu Season without Visiting Your Doctor

January 24, 2012

Holistic Health First

With cold and flu season in full swing, your sinus infection could be hanging around longer than you’d like, causing headaches and low energy levels.  Before heading to your doctor, we suggest trying a few holistic remedies listed below.

Hypertonic Rinse

A hypertonic rinse is a great way to ease inflammation and liquefy mucous.  To create this solution, simply double the amount of salt you are using in your neti pot; 1 heaping teaspoon to 10 oz. of water. For...Read More

Nasal Rinse During Allergy Season

June 7, 2011

mikeyNasal Rinsing- Your Best Allergy Season Defense

After 15 years of educating people on the benefits of nasal...Read More

How Does Pollen Count with Sinus Allergies?

May 11, 2011

Pollen Count and Your Sinus Allergies

Since Baraka sinus products sell all around the country that gives me an opportunity to talk with a lot of people about their sinus congestion. During the spring, the conversation naturally turns to pollen and allergies. I’ve found no matter what state I call, each person convinces me their city has the highest pollen count.

Every year the pollen count levels change city to city depending on seasonal rains, temperatures and other environmental factors. Since...Read More

Reduce Nasal Inflammation

February 28, 2011

Why Hypertonic Rinses Work

Most nasal rinsing devices teach you to make what is called an isotonic rinse (about a 1/2 teaspoon of mineral salt to 10 oz of water).  This means there are equal amounts of salt in the saline solution as in the cell walls of the body, and it comes close to the body’s pH.  This rinse helps to stimulate the cilia and flush out excess mucous and particulate matter. Most expert neti pot rinsers know that if it burns when they rinse, they haven’t used...Read More

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