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Adventures In A Health Food Store

April 12, 2016

storeHow Healthy Is Your Health Food Store?

Like many people, I shop at a natural health food store because I believe the quality of the products is better than a conventional grocery store. And I’m willing to pay for it. When I imagine where...Read More

Sinus Problems? Check Your Teeth

January 26, 2016

teethThe Relationship Between Your Sinuses and Teeth

If you have been having sinus problems for a while, don’t overlook your mouth. I was reminded again of the close relationship between the upper teeth and the maxillary...Read More

Selling the Dream

October 25, 2011


sinus infectionOwnership and the Natural Products Industry

Have you ever noticed that a product you’ve been buying for years suddenly seems...Read More

Building Sustainable Community

April 21, 2011

]Building Community by Building Relationships

Community shows itself in many forms.  At Baraka we have tried to create and sustain our own local sustainable community by supporting other US manufacturers and suppliers. Over the next few months we will be including an additional link on our website to feature some of our community relationships this is something that we are very excited about!

One important community connection lies in our ...Read More

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