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Pregnancy Rhinitis

March 25, 2016

jolene bellyPregnancy & Sinus Congestion

Often pregnant women think they have a cold or allergies when actually they are experiencing something called pregnancy rhinitis. It usually occurs after the...Read More

Earaches and Flying

April 18, 2012

Flying with Congestion

Recently I flew with a cold that I hadn’t given much thought to until take off. Suddenly it became a flight I’d never forget! My ears started to crackle and my head felt as if it were in a vice grip. For a moment, I thought I was going to rupture an ear drum. Medically this sensation is known as sinus barotrauma or aerosinusitis. I call it ‘pain beyond belief!’ Aerosinusitis is your...Read More

Flying and Children

April 3, 2012

Prevent Painful Flying

Do you ever wonder why a child is more bothered by the change of air pressure on an airplane than you? Or why an infant, who has been silent the whole flight, starts screaming as you approach the runway? Children are much more susceptible to earaches while flying than adults for a couple of reasons.

First, children have shorter Eustachian tubes, which are responsible for equalizing air pressure.  The Eustachian tubes are narrower, more horizontal in orientation and lie closer...Read More

Relieving Congestion in Infants

March 27, 2012

A Holistic Approach

Many parents wanting to avoid using pharmaceuticals on their infant (or small child) often ask us, ‘What is a safe way to reduce nasal congestion?’ Believe it or not, the process is similar to relieving your own congestion. While you can’t use a neti pot in an infant’s nose simply because it’s too big, you can use a bulb syringe (also called a nasal aspirator) and the same saline solution you make for yourself.

First, create a saline solution by adding...Read More

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