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Before You Pop That Pill

Written By: Sue
September 4, 2013


My grandparents received their medical degrees in the 1920s during a time when Western medicine profoundly changed. The American Medical Association (AMA) grew in strength and reduced the number of medical schools in hopes of creating a better medical system. The remaining schools were required to adhere to the protocols of mainstream science. By the 1960’s, my grandfather who was a surgeon and a homeopath was told that if he didn’t stop practicing homeopathy, he’d lose his surgical privileges at a number of hospitals. Instead of finding a balance between science-based medicine and other forms of medicine, our medical schools became completely lopsided supporting only science.

Today, the hyper-focus on science results in most people reaching for pharmaceuticals to heal. We’ve lost the knowledge about plants that was passed down to us by our ancestors. Plants literally fell out of fashion not because they didn’t work, but because they were seen as the way of the past while pharmaceuticals were seen as the way of the future.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “one prune or two?” Up until the 1970’s (maybe later) statements like this could be heard in households all over the U.S. Some of you may not know what I’m suggesting, but think about it for a minute. It’s a profound statement, and says a few things:

1.  Nature offers simple remedies, and in the case of prunes, we don’t need to dash to the pharmacy to get a laxative.

2. We can trust our bodies to tell us how much we need. If offered a prune for the first time, you might take one to see how it works. Next time you might take 2 or 3 depending on the desired results. You would undoubtedly know your “dose” by this simple method of trial and error.

3. People have used folklore remedies to heal themselves from simple ailments for generations/centuries.

If you’re one of those people that would like to know what natural remedies you can substitute for a pharmaceutical, I’ve made a tiny list below. It’s worth getting to know some of the basics and even creating your own first aid kit.

  • Burns – Lavender essential oil is a must have in the kitchen. Apply a few drops directly to the burn. I do an initial application and then another 30 minutes later. Use as needed.
  • Bruises – Traumeel by Heels – a homeopathic remedy. It is hands down the best remedy for bruises. I once slammed my hand in a car door and applied Traumeel immediately. I barely had a bruise. It was a bit sore but there was very little discoloration.
  • Scratchy Throat/ Night time Cough – Suck on a slice of fresh ginger. It’s intense at first, but really does the job. Great for those late night coughs.
  • Congested Sinuses – a neti pot of course!!!

Natural remedies aren’t the wayward child of pharmaceuticals. My opinion is: don’t let western medicine be the only way you think of healing yourself. We don’t need to put any more chemicals on or in our bodies unless it’s absolutely necessary. Natural remedies can be inexpensive and as close as your garden.

Go for it! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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